​We also offer a limited number of annual memberships to a 1000 acre private hunt club centered between Upper Klamath Lake and the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, surrounded by the Klamath River and straight across the river from the Miller Island State Game Refuge. Offset by the Klamath River and marsh area on one end and surrounded on the other by grain and farm fields, the property offers diverse hunting opportunities.  From field hunting, ponds, pit blinds, layout blinds, and stilt blinds this free range hunt club is a great option for those looking for a quiet place to hunt and has the necessary equipment and experience.

This club offers not just the private access to the property but more importantly, a property that has been managed to draw and retain waterfowl.  It's one thing to have birds on the property but a completely different thing to draw birds to the property and keep them there.  We work tirelessly all year long to improve the property and offer a haven and feed source for the birds.  If birds don't have food and a place to rest, they aren't going to stay.  

We offer just a handful of exclusive memberships on this club so inquire early to check availability.