We hunt a variety of property from some of the best private fields in the area to public refuge marsh, we follow the birds.  We have hunting options from shoreline natural blinds, boat blind, pit blind and layout blinds in the field keeping it exciting and fun for all.  Clients often ask "when's the best time to come up?" and truly it depends on the experience that you are looking for.  For some they need the early fall hunts as they are not up for the cold winter weather, while others wait for the lake to freeze so they can experience the honkers decoying on the ice.  Bottom line, is there any "bad" time to go hunting?

From honkers, puddleducks, specs to divers we offer diversity in what we hunt as well.  Each person has their idea of what they would like to get out of the hunt and we strive to focus on those goals during our hunts.  Some want to go after the Honkers while others only want to shoot ducks.  That's the joy of waterfowling.

We are seasoned outdoorsmen with a passion for waterfowl hunting.  We offer real hunts which means sometimes the birds fly your way and sometimes they fly right past.  That's what makes it hunting.  But we have the gear and the knowledge of the area to provide a quality hunting experience.

We have the return clients to prove satisfaction and the best area in the region for the hunt, why hesitate. At the end of the hunt you'll go home saying, "It was a beautiful place, an awesome experience and a great hunt, let's do it again." If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about our operation give us a call and we'd be happy to talk about what we have to offer and what's going on in the area and we look forward to seeing you.

Hunt sites are approximately 6 hours from the bay area and 5 hours from the Portland Metro region.  Area attractions include Crater Lake National Monument, world renowned Williamson River, and numerous quality golf courses.